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I loved serving as Director of the Anxiety Disorders Treatment Program at UCSF (where I continue to teach about fear and anxiety in the School of Medicine.)  So when I decided to build a psychiatry practice closer to home, I knew I wanted to bring that specialty focus to my own community.   Anxiety and fear are protective emotions, adapted to enhance our physical and mental readiness and prepare us for future threats.  So how do such helpful (albeit uncomfortable) emotions come to cause us so much distress and impairment?  I've spent the last 10 years of my career building the answer to that question.  

Publications and Talks:

  • Ross Valley School District / Ross Valley Healthy Community Collaborative (2018) Speaker: "Understanding Anxiety"
  • American Physician Institute: MasterPsych Conference (2017) Speaker: "Anxiety Disorders in Adults and Youths"
  • Association for Academic Psychiatry Annual Meeting (2017) Speaker: "Who's Afraid of Translational Neuroscience?"
  • Encyclopedia of Neurological Sciences, 2nd Edition: Chapter: Anxiety Disorders (2014) Academic Press
  • San Francisco Chronicle (2013) Health Columnist: "Positive Traits Seen in Anxiety Disorders"
  • UCTV: (2012) Speaker:  "Sport Suspension on Life's Bumpy Road"
  • Social Anxiety Disorder and Alcohol Use Disorder (2010) Psychological Medicine. June 2010; 40(6): 977-88.    


education and experience:

University of California San Francisco, UCSF Weill Institute of Neurosciences:  

Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons:

  • Residency Training (2008)
  • Medical School (2004)  
    • Columbia University B.A. Liskin Award in Psychiatry


  • American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Board Certification & Licensed by Medical Board of California.