A 15 minute phone consultation to review your history of symptoms and your goals for treatment is free of charge.


initial assessment (60 min)


The first visit will be a full assessment of your present health, health history, family health history, current symptoms, stressors and goals for care.


session (50 min)


Standard of care for anxiety treatment is to plan a course of weekly sessions with a target date for symptom improvement.  A typical session might include talk therapy, exercise tracking, sleep management, and medication recommendations.  


brief check-in (25 min)


After your symptoms are under good control, we might only meet occasionally for briefer check-ins to maintain your gains and strategize ways to prevent future exacerbation of anxiety.

I am not contracted with insurance companies.  It is worth calling your insurer to learn if you have out-of-network benefits as some PPO plans will cover a portion of out-of-network services. Your insurer will be able to inform you about what if any reimbursement you may receive for out-of-network care. Your billing statements will include service and diagnostic codes recognized by insurers to facilitate your submitting these statements to insurance for reimbursement.  HMO plans require that you see a provider in-network and will not reimburse for any out-of-network care.

Cancellations:  48 hours notice or 2 business days to avoid being charged the full fee for your session.  In the case of illness or transportation issues, we can conduct your scheduled session over the phone or video conference.